About Us

Stacks Co.

Est. 2018

In early 2018, Stacks Co. Founder Jon Mercer was tired of working alone.

No matter where he worked from... his home office, a coffee shop, a bar, the library ... it still felt like working alone.

Jon wanted to work around remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others that he could talk to and collaborate with. So, before Stacks was even a thought, Jon began organizing weekly coworking meetups at Doylestown bars and restaurants to work alongside others.

After just a few weeks with 20 or so attendees, Jon started asking the group, "Would you join a coworking space?"

The answers were resoundingly, "Absolutely!"

Fast forward just 2 months to June 2018 and the first 12 members moved into Stacks.

Since then, Stacks has had over 100 members and thousands of guests in its community.

We hope we'll see you soon.

Our Team