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Coming Soon: A New Member's Portal and Booking App

The Stacks Team has been working hard over the past month to enhance our member's coworking experience.

Starting at the end of October and into early November, we'll be transitioning to a new coworking space platform: Office RnD, which includes an all new members portal and booking app.

At this time, Stacks members don't need to take any action. We'll share more updates and next steps in the coming days. In the meantime, have a quick read into why we're making the change.

Our Past System

Since opening in 2018, Stacks has utilized a coworking platform called Nexudus to manage member plans, payments, and bookings. As a member, you may only recognize that name from the mobile bookings app, "Passport by Nexudus".

Nexudus was an invaluable tool in the early days of Stacks. When we went from signing a lease to opening our doors in under 45 days, the system's off-the-shelf website were attractive in helping save time and startup costs. The highly customizable nature of Nexudus also allowed us to adapt our memberships and booking models as our community grew.

Time for Change

Now as Stacks steps into its fourth year, the transition to OfficeRnD will enable an even more streamlined member experience. While Nexudus allowed for more customization, in this case, less is more. OfficeRnD, as it has been built, fits the Stacks membership and booking model much more effectively, which translates to better ease of use and higher reliability.

Used by over 2,000 other coworking spaces worldwide, OfficeRnD will offer a more intuitive and consistent experience for our members and our team. Their customer success team, particularly our account partner, Teddy, have been exceptional in enabling our onboarding, setting us up to enable a smooth transition for Stacks members. More to come!

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